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Good Stuffed Perogies are just that!

Good Stuffed Perogies are just that! GOOD! STUFFED! And DELICIOUS!


Good Stuffed Perogies have been producing fresh, small batch, mashed-potato filled pillow puffs right here in The Courtyard Kitchens (check out the full freezer of new product behind Chef Dave, waiting to be packaged). These flavour filled pockets are made by hand, fresh to order twice a week and delivered right to your door, making dinner quick, easy and tasty.




Once I had seen these little delights being made in our Kitchens, I ordered myself a bag. I had trouble choosing the flavour, all four varieties sounded so good. I finally decided on a bag of Fully Loaded! With my freshly made bag in hand, I couldn’t wait to get home to cook them up for dinner. I was not disappointed! They were quick and easy to prepare, so I decided to add some more bacon and caramelized onions to the dish. By the time my perogies had come to a boil and started to float to the top of the pot, my additional toppings were ready. I gave the plump little potato packages a brief sauté for a few minutes (until golden brown), then topped them with the bacon and onions. The whole meal took about 15 minutes to prepare, and I was ready to dig in. Mmmmmm... good stuff! My Fully Loaded, personalized perogies where savoury and scrumptious, the perfect comfort food. A great meal made with fresh local ingredients ready in less time than ordering in. I’m now looking forward to trying all the flavours!






Jeff Collins and Dave Rogers (the chefs of Good Stuffed Perogies) really love what they do, and with bags of perogies flying off the shelf, there is talk around The Courtyard Kitchens of new flavours and combinations. I've even heard whispers of a possible dessert perogy. Oh my, the possibilities!


To get your hands a bag (or few) visit the website. They delivery!



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Kathy Hamilton
March 11, 2016
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