The Courtyard Kitchens

Policies and Rates


All companies and individuals must have insurance and a food-handling certificate. It is the responsibility of the renter to provide documentation to the Regional Health Department. Visit our Resources page to find more information on these requirements. The food handler certificate must be recognized by the province of Ontario, on-line courses are available. You are responsible for all other business licenses required by law in your specific field.


Security Deposit

A $350 deposit is required from all who rent the kitchen. Deposits are refundable providing the space and equipment are left in good and clean working order. There will be a $50 charge deducted from the deposit with five bookings or less.


Cleaning Fee

A clean and orderly facility is essential to successful products and business. Renters are expected to leave the kitchen in the same condition (or better!) in which they found it.  The Kitchen Manager will outline the expectations for clean up during your initial meeting. A cleaning fee at the rate of $20 per 15 minutes will be deducted from your security deposit if the kitchen does not meet cleanliness expectations after use.

Time Overruns

Time overruns are not acceptable. All prep work and clean up must happen within your appointed time block(s). For new and growing businesses we know it can be difficult to determine the time needed in the kitchen. When booking please allow yourself enough time for both prep work and clean up. For those who are not time conscious, overrun fees of the cost of the next time slot will be charged.




Contact our Kitchen Manager for a detailed quotation. Email Kathy.