The Courtyard Kitchens

Our Kitchens


We offer two kitchens for rent; a Main Kitchen and a Baker's/ Confectioner's Kitchen, both located in The Bonnie Stuart Building at 141 Whitney Place in Kitchener. They can be rented separately, together or in conjunction with The Courtyard event space. The kitchens are rented on a first-come-first serve basis. We ask CYK Members to provide us with a monthly schedule to ensure your dates.


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Main Kitchen


The Main Kitchen offers opportunities. With over 440 sq. ft. The Main Kitchen is perfect for product production, cooking for events, food truck preparation, and hosting small culinary events.


Baker's Kitchen


The Baker's/Confectioner's Kitchen is an intimate space, perfect for specialty product production. This space is 270 sq. ft. and offers quick access to the walk-in cooler and dry storage.