The Courtyard Kitchens

Frequently Asked Questions


Rental Requirements


Do you rent the kitchen for commercial purposes?                                                                                                          

Yes, the kitchen can be rented for many different uses, including

commercial use, events, classes, tastings, occasional projects and

food truck preparation. 



How do I rent The Kitchen?                 

Renters of the kitchen must provide:

- Proof of business liability insurance

- $350 deposit 

- Proof of food safety training certification

For information on obtaining your food safety training certificate visit:

The Region Of Waterloo Food Safety



Do you require renters to have         insurance? What kind?                          

Yes, all renters must provide their own insurance and food-handling certificate.

Renters will require general liability, which must list The Courtyard Kitchens as

an additional insured. A food handler certificate as recognized by the Province of

Ontario is also required. You are responsible for all other business licenses required by law in your specific fields. We can offer some guidance on obtaining these requirements.



Is the rate hourly/daily?                        

The kitchen is rented in time slots, 4 slots per day. We have structured our schedule in this way to provide consistency and efficiency to all renters. It is our goal to avoid schedule over runs and to provide a clean and adequate facility to all our renters.  


Time blocks are: 8:00am-12:00pm; 1:00pm-5:00pm; 6:00pm-10:00pm; 11:00pm-7:00am


Be advised, full day rentals may require renting 3 or 4 time slots.





Kitchen Amenities


Are there relevant restrictions?

For example no deep frying or,     

no nuts?             

The facilities are not able to accommodate any deep frying at this time and this

type of equipment is not part of the kitchens' space.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of a community kitchen we cannot guarantee our

facilities are free of any food allergens.   



What equipment is provided

within the kitchen? Am I

required to bring my own


All major appliances are available as part of your rental fee. There are limited

small-wares on site so please ensure you bring your own knives, cooking

utensils and any special equipment you may require. For a listing of what is

available, please refer to our Kitchens page



Where can I store my supplies

during my rental time?                         

The refrigeration and freezer are available to all renters during their rental times.

Items can be stored one day before and one day after the rental date if arranged 

with the Kitchen Manager.



Storage and Access


What hours are the spaces available?                                               

The Courtyard Kitchens are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  For those renting the overnight time slot, access to the facility will need to be arranged with the Kitchen Manager.



Is there a way to get access in 'off  hours' to pick up/drop off product?               

No, all drop-offs and pick-up must occur during office hours and be arranged with the Kitchen Manager. The Kitchen Manager may occasionally arrange alternative drop-off and pick-up times for a nominal charge. 



What kind of storage is there?

And how does it work?                                    

We offer a wide range of dry and refrigerated storage solutions. 

Long term dry storage is limited and rented on a monthly basis. Dry storage is key accessed, and contains a roll-out rack with 4 food grade bins. Long term refrigerated storage is also available. Prices range from $10 to $100 per month, based on business needs.



Can I see the kitchen spaces prior to booking?                                                                                           

Yes, we encourage potential renters to view our facility prior to booking. We want

you to be sure the space will work for your needs. To book an appointment to visit the kitchen contact the Kitchen Manager.



Can I use any and all of the commercial equipment in the kitchens?                                               

We require all kitchen renters to have strong working knowledge of the equipment      

in the kitchen they intend to use. The Kitchen Manager can offer consulting services to those who are less familiar with the equipment. Please contact our Kitchen Manager for consulting services.



How much notice do I need to give to rent the kitchens?

We ask that occassional users provide one week's notice to rent the kitchen. Regular users are requested to provide a monthly schedule to our Kitchen Manager.



What is your cancellation


You can cancel your time slot/s up to two weeks (14 days) prior to your booking date free of charge. If a cancellation is made within two weeks prior to the booking date, there will be a cancellation charge per booking.



Do I need to clean the kitchen 

after I use it?                                              



Yes, renters are required to leave the kitchen in the same condition or better than that in which they found it. The Kitchen Manager will outline the expectations for clean up during your initial meeting. A cleaning fee at the rate of $20 per 15 minutes will be deducted from your deposit if the kitchen does not meet cleanliness expectations.

Can I use the Kitchen’s address

as my business address?                                                                                              

Regular users may use our address as their business mailing address.