The Courtyard Kitchens

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About Us - our story

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The Courtyard Kitchens was created to assist food entrepreneurs looking for access to inspected cooking facilities. The upfront costs for space, construction, equipment  and maintenance of even a small commercial kitchen isn't a great fit for many small businesses. The Courtyard Kitchens allow you to develop your customer base and product line through scheduled access to our inspected, commercial kitchens. We offer businesses a competitive edge through shared overhead costs,  resources, and dedicated onsite storage. You have all the amenities of an inspected commercial kitchen without the costly and rigorous upkeep, allowing you to focus on your business success.

We invite you to make an appointment to visit our facility and detail your requirements to see how best we can support your needs. We are located in the Bonnie Stuart building.


We look forward to hearing from you!





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Our Goal

Our goal is to create connections and community within the Region of Waterloo's food industry, Working alongside entrepreneurs: to meet their  needs, and contribute to their success.


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Our Team

Kathy Hamilton

Kitchen Manager


With a passion for the culinary arts and as a graduate of Conestoga College's Culinary Management program, Kathy manages and oversees the daily operations of The Courtyard Kitchens. Kathy's broad experience in the local food industry extends to catering, food trucks, a summer chef camp, and kitchen management. Kathy is community focused and enjoys sharing her experiences and connections in the local food industry. As Kitchen Manager, Kathy looks forward to supporting and collaborating with our members and users. 


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